Physical Development - Autumn Term

At Rainbow Nursery our aim is to provide well planned physical activities both indoors and outdoors, which is key to how young children learn with enjoyment and challenge.  The information provided below works in conjunction with the British Heart Foundation guidelines.

Please take the time to have a look at the different Physical Development activities you can try at home with your child/ren.  

Resources needed:

  • Favourite toy or object
  • Bubbles
  • Balloons

 Non Walkers

Tummy time:  Babies need daily opportunities to move on their tummies

Skill Development:  Strong back, good neck control, speech and language development

Activity:  Floor Play:- Place your child's favourite toy or object at the edge of their reach, and encourage them to reach for it. 


Toddlers development can be seen through standing, taking a few first steps, waddling, toddling, walking and running.

Skill Development:  Strengthen heart and lungs

Activity:  Blow bubbles for children to chase around either at home or outdoors 

Pre school

As children grow older they are ready to participate in more organised games, once they are able to follow instructions.

Activity:  Kicking or hitting a balloon at home or in an open space outside. 

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