Rainbow Nursery is a wonderful place and it is the people of Rainbow that make this nursery so special. The staff enjoy the children and have fun with them as well as taking wonderful care of them. They take the time to really get to know each child, understanding their individual needs and encouraging their interests. Many of the nursery assistants have worked at the nursery for many years and the result is a family feel that installs enormous confidence in the care Rainbow provides. When my son arrives in the morning, he is greeted with smiles and enthusiasm. I hear all about the fun he has during his day enjoying music, painting, dancing, books and plenty else besides.



With the incredibly hard start Letitia had to life it felt like a dream that she would be able to join a nursery. 16 months old she is an independent, healthy, happy, sociable, content baby in which we truly thank the Rainbow team for. They have all been so wonderful & supportive to Letitia's special needs & have hugely contributed to her fantastic development we see today. We just cannot thank you enough.

Sam and Ed 

Rainbow Nursery provides a fantastic environment for any child to grow up in. With the constant stimulation of wonderful activities, interaction with other children and the support of fantastic carers, no parent could ask for more. One of the things that creates Rainbow's special atmosphere is the fact that it is a community-based nursery. No one is trying to make a profit by cutting corners and the funds are spent on staff training and providing fantastic facilities. As a result, the carers feel valued and are highly skilled. The fact that they stay so long and work so well together is what makes Rainbow feel like such a family and parents and children are all part of that family too. A truly special place, I only wish Rainbow places are available to every child!


This nursery is special. My little girl loves it. Rainbow is an outstanding nursery, my child has never been happier and the staff are kind, professional, attentive and happy in their jobs - and with little to no staff turnover - (some staff even went there as children themselves!) - This is just one of the many signs it is a happy place to be for all involved. The kids are always happy, the teaching is fun and well structured and the people that run it are superb, caring, creative and love and understand children. The place is clean, well cared for and decorated with children's art, projects and visual displays that are uncluttered and add to the serenity of the place. It is head and shoulders above and beyond any other nursery I have ever visited. The garden has lots of fun things to play with and space to run around and is shady in the sunnier times. There is always plenty of varied fun here, but most of all there is laughter and children learn when they are happy and engaged and do not want to leave at hometime! If you are lucky enough to get your child in here you will not be disappointed. No wonder it is so well thought of by all the community. Excellent all round.


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