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e also have independent teachers and practitioners that enhance the children’s learning experience at Rainbow by providing the following activities:


The children participate in exciting physical adventures that will improve posture, coordination, concentration and develop core skills, without ever leaving the Nursery. This is all done through the medium of yoga.

The children benefit from a combination of physical exercise, learning through play and learning techniques to help them to manage and express their emotions in a positive way. This bespoke programme will play a crucial role in ensuring that your child is prepared when they eventually make the step up in primary school.

The sessions will help improve your child’s overall emotional and physical wellbeing

Develop their creativity – Through fun story style adventures that will spark your child’s imagination and stimulate their senses.

Increase their confidence – Through creative techniques that help your child believe they are unique and special. Your child will be encouraged to be vocal throughout the class and express their emotions physically.


Tiny Symphonies is an interactive programme for children to participate with musical characters in songs and actions.

Tiny symphonies explore classical, jazz and popular music and is used to give the children a chance to explore all styles of music. This is with the aid of a special character, ‘Beethoven Bear and his friends Freddie Forte and Penelope Piano’.


We offer the children the opportunity to enjoy a fun approach to learning French through a creative curriculum around art, movement and music. Our aim is that the children will embrace another language and develop their awareness of other cultures.


We use simple signs with the children to encourage early understanding and speech and language develop.  This is incorporated into our daily routines and general conversations with the children.

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