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One of Rainbow’s unique points is that the nursery’s outdoor area is the largest of the independent nurseries in Stoke Newington. It offers a wide range of safe play based equipment to meet the needs of pre-school children of all ages.

Stimulating The Senses

Mature trees in the garden provide natural shade.  All rooms have direct access to the garden and this provides opportunity for free flow within the learning environment to take place.

The Equipment has been selected to stimulate the senses.  There is a musical play area, stepping logs and balancing, water play and sand, a play house for imaginative play, a slide set on a mound and also areas for the children to run around. There is a sensory area in which the children are able to explore sound and investigate a range of different textures and smells.

Rainbow uses outdoor activities that offer the children a full range of opportunities to complement the indoor activities, including:  opportunities for physical development, sensory stimulation, imaginative play, and construction opportunities for investigating the natural world.

The outdoor learning environment reflects the indoor provision. Within the outdoor environment there are opportunities for the children to participate in learning experiences which promote all areas of development. All rooms have direct access to the outdoor learning environment.

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