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what parents say

Kind words from parents, past and present

My daughter loved her time at Rainbow. It gave her the confidence to be imaginative! Her favourite place to play was the tree house and sitting in the blue milk crates. Rainbow gave her the opportunity to explore, and her key worker made her feel special. Thank you, we had the pleasure of being one of the first parents.

Doreen 1973

After having my fifth child during the 1980’s it was hard to continue full time work. A friend recommended Rainbow Nursery and on my first visit I was overwhelmed by the heart warming welcome. As I was shown around the nursery by the friendly staff, clean environment, and brightly decorated play room and play area was second to none.

Over the years that followed, all of five of my children attended the nursery. My children are now age 24,27,29,31 and 32 Rainbow Nursery gave them all a great start in life. Now after thirteen years on my grandson is currently at the nursery. Rainbow Nursery is still at the highest quality of standard and has a rating of outstanding OFSTED report.

Yvonne 1983-1996

My daughter treasured her Rainbow experience. She loved playing in the sand pit. Rainbow gave her the confidence to be independent.

Hugh 1986

Rainbow Nursery is a warm loving caring incredibly friendly atmosphere. The level of care and attention provided has been exceptional for my children they have developed the confidence, learning ability and language skills and it’s all praise to the staff at Rainbow. Thank you for the excellent care and support.

Marva 1994-2005

I am very pleased to report that Rainbow Community Nursery has met with and exceeded my expectations for good quality education and care for my daughter. I couldn’t wish a better nursery for my child, and feel fortunate that such a good resource is available for me.

Deborah 2006

I appreciate all the hard work, time, and consideration and effort that you have bestowed upon our daughter; she has blossomed into a vibrant young child. I would strongly recommend this nursery to other parents.

Kim 2007

From day one I had no doubts my two boys were at the right place and in safe hands. As time had gone on they have truly loved every minute and developed so well. Each staff member that has looked after them has done so with such love that a parent really couldn’t ask for more.

Adele 2008

Rainbow Nursery provides a fantastic environment for any child to grow up in. With the constant stimulation of wonderful activities, interaction with other children and the support of fantastic carers, no parent could ask for more. A truly special place.

Joti 2008

I could not praise Rainbow Community Nursery enough. The staff are fabulous and it is abundantly clear that they all enjoy working with, and for, other children. The familial feel to the nursery is something which has been contributed to the fantastic experience my daughter has had during her time there.

Tahirah 2007-2009

Rainbow Thank you for a fantastic time my daughter and son have spent at Rainbow. Both have thrived in the incredibly friendly caring atmosphere at Rainbow and they have been very happy there, thanks again for the excellent care that you have taken both our children over the last few years.

Harriet and Andy 2009

We love the community feel that is readily apparent at Rainbow nursery. It is wonderful that the parents are all so motivated and keen to be involved which is a reflection of the dedication and commitment of all the staff to every aspect of nursery life at Rainbow.

Jane and Duncan 2010

The staff which taught our daughter all gave 100% and even when she needed extra support for her speech and language. It was done in such a professional manner where communication with us was always there and we knew what was happening every step of the way.

Mags and Michael 2011

This place is very special. Rainbow have supported me throughout, we laughed, we cried but most of all they have bought me peace and joy, to me and my girls.

Eileen 2011

With the incredibly hard start for Letitia it felt like a dream that she would be able to join the nursery. 16 months old she is an independent, healthy, happy, sociable, content baby in which we truly thank the Rainbow team for. They have all been so wonderful and supportive to Letitia’s special needs and have hugely contributed to her fantastic development we see today. We just cannot thank you enough.

Sam and Ed 2012

I can hardly believe that all of my boys have passed through your caring, fun, nurturing and loving doors. Thank you for everything, you’ve taken the best start to education our children could ever dream of.

Louise and Garth 2013

We are really pleased with the progress our daughter has made during her time at Rainbow nursery. She has built great relationships with the children and staff and we are so happy with the care concern shown by all of the staff.

Iona and Luke 2014

This nursery is special. My little girl loves it. Rainbow is an outstanding nursery, my child has never been happier and the staff are kind, professional, attentive and happy in their jobs. The place is clean, well cared for and decorated with children’s art, projects and visual displays that are uncluttered and add to the serenity of the place. There is always plenty of varied fun here, but most of all there is laughter and children learn when they are happy and engaged and do not to leave at home time! If you are lucky enough to get your child in here you will not be disappointed. No wonder it is so well thought of by all the community. Excellent all round.

Kirsteen 2014

Nursery is a very special nursery that enables children to flourish, grow and become happy, creative and grounded children. My daughter has developed some special relationships with staff and children and has grown in line with your warm loving ethos! Thank you for your genuine care.

Heather 2016

My daughter had a wonderful time at Rainbow. She has enjoyed developing good relationships with her teachers and children. We have been really happy with Rainbow and all the teachers who have a warm, caring atmosphere you provide.

Christina 2016

Rainbow Nursery is a wonderful place and it is the people of Rainbow that make this nursery so special. The staff enjoy the children and have with them as well as taking wonderful care of them. They take the time to really get to know each child, understanding their individual needs and encouraging their interests.

Kate 2008-2016

I was really pleased with how my son has progressed and I noticed a massive improvement in him. The range of activities, day and education facilities that Rainbow provides are outstanding. The staff were honest, approachable and compassionate.

Colette 2017

Thank you all so much for being such a wonderful nursery for my child. You have all made such an amazing impact on his start in life. Your nursery and staff are a credit, with all of the extra activities you offer for the kids and parents you make us feel truly welcome and involved in their education. Thank you for everything.

Adele and Antony 2018

Globally excellent

Carl 2019

From Green room through to Red room Quincy’s experience at Rainbow has been a joy! All members of staff have been engaging and nurturing, especially her key workers.  This caring environment has given her confidence to make friends and enjoy new experiences at the nursery and outside nursery

Gemma 2019

Absolutely FANTASTIC. The Rainbow family have been exceptional in their care, teaching, safety and holistic welfare of the children in their care.  Creating and instilling a sense of identity and belonging in the children and working with each child and parents to ensure their happiness and well being during their time at Rainbow. Thank you.

Kemi 2019

Ava has had a fantastic experience at Rainbow Nursery. We feel so lucky that she has been able to be part of this special place. The staff are so thoughtful and caring and really look after her. Added to this is the progressive outlook of the nursery – introducing Forest school, ensuring all the children use and understand sign language and introducing yoga are just a few examples.  There is a real sense of community, fuelled by the frequent invitations for parents to join in events such as the Easter Hat Parade, sports day and also the summer party. All made possible by the fantastic leadership skills of wonderful Deirdre and her exceptional staff. We are very sad that Ava won’t be here any longer but pleased that we have a few years left with her little sister Sienna.

Lucy 2019

Woody has absolutely loved Rainbow nursery. It has been a huge part of his life and most of his core developments at these young ages have been achieved here, without the help from Rainbow I cant see him being the confident little person he now is. He has always loved his key workers, and these relationships I am sure will stick with him for years to come as he is continuously talking about the staff at Rainbow. It is also these relationships which have helped him develop emotionally. Rainbow has really enabled Woody to be creative, energetic and inquisitive by continuously providing platforms for him to explore these life skills. He will certainly miss coming to Rainbow but will always remember the stepping stones laid out for him to transition to school were with great people”.

Darren 2020

“Rainbow have looked after Sebastian so well over the years. It’s so wonderful to have a place where you genuinely feel that everyone is looking out for your children as if they were there own. The place Rainbow holds in the community is so important and I really value the way that all the key workers stop to say hello as I pass them on the street, they always recognise us and they are always so warm and friendly, whether or not the kids are around. Now both our kids will have left Rainbow I really feel like as a family we will all miss you so much”

Emma 2020

Casper has had the most wonderful time at Rainbow.  We feel so lucky to have been part of such a welcoming community, it really is the most special place.  The team are the best that you can imagine!  A huge thank you to them for making Casper feel safe enjoying every day at nursery with such a fun and educational range of activities from Forest school, to sing and sign.  The staff have been selfless during the pandemic, putting  the nursery, children and their families first.  All staff go above and beyond what could be seen as necessary to ensure each child has the most wonderful experience at Rainbow. What is is also so wonderful is how encouraging and supportive Rainbow staff are towards the  parents too.  We will miss being part of the community hugely.


Lucy 2021

If only the rest of the world could be like Rainbow! It is an amazing environment and we love having our boys with you!

Ben 2021

My daughter has had a wonderful experience at Rainbow.  We’ve always been confident that she is in a safe and stimulating environment and we’ve been consistently impressed with the staff.  She has had so many great experiences such as yoga, cooking and forest school. The recent platinum jubilee show was a real highlight for her (and us). She is definitely ready for school thanks to how well she has been prepared by the Red group.

Rachel 2022

We loved our time at Rainbow, our son thrived with all the love and support he has been given by each and every member of staff.  We have all made fantastic friends. What an amazing community the nursery has created.

Sarah 2022

My daughter has had the most amazing time at Rainbow Nursery. Thank you for all your care, patience, delicious food and the most wonderful staff. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Olivia, 2023

My child has had the most wonderful time at Rainbow. She has been nurtured, cared for and supported in the most amazing way. We couldn’t be more grateful to every member of staff for the care they have shown her. Rainbow is a truly special place – more than a nursery it is a family. We count ourselves very lucky to be a part of it.

Laura, 2023