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How We Came To Be
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September marked Rainbow Nursery’s celebrating 50 years of childcare and education in Hackney. 

We are proud to acknowledge that we are the oldest community nursery in Hackney and have created a stimulating learning environment where children are nurtured and thrive.
We would like to thank our early years team, parents/carers and the community for your continued support over the years and for making Rainbow a special place.


Our First Cohort

Rainbow Community Nursery was evolved at 39 Clissold Road, with instrumental support by Christian Aid and the Community Relations Commission who provided our first grants. In May 1973, the ‘Save the Children Fund’ agreed to sponsor the project for a two year period and Hackney Council stepped in with a grant of £2,174, half of the total Nursery budget at that time. Other supporters of the project volunteered both moral and practical support, primarily in keeping the nursery clean. In September 1973, Rainbow Nursery opened its door to a multi-racial cohort of fifteen local children.

Leaving Our Old Address

In the autumn of 1980 Rainbow’s future was in jeopardy as notice was served to vacate it’s original premises in Clissold Road.  This was due in part to outstanding repairs to the building that had been deemed impractical and in part to the potential to sell the site for redevelopment. After a concerted campaign of letter-writing and searching for possible new sites, the nursery was successful in securing Partnership Funding for a new site.


Hackney Council, in conjunction with the then Greater London Council (GLC) offered the Nursery our present site at 22-26 Yorkshire Grove Estate and arrangements were made to purchase our current Portakabin. Rainbow Community Nursery moved to it’s new home on 17th January, 1983. In June 2008 the nursery received funding to build a new purpose built nursery. This was opened on 27 April 2010.

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