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We aim to offer the highest standard of care, but accept that, there may an occasion when parents wish to raise a concern with us. In this instance the parent/carer should speak to the child’s key person to address their concerns.  If the key person is unable to resolve the issue and the p/c cause for complaint they should go to the Nursery Co-ordinator, or in her absence the Deputy Manager.

The complaint will be recorded in the complaints record book. The matter will be fully investigated and details of the investigation, any action taken as a result of that investigation and whether the complainant was then satisfied will be fully recorded. A copy of that record will be provided to the complainant within 28 days.

If the matter is not resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction then they are required to inform the management in writing of their dissatisfaction. On receiving such a letter the management undertake to pass the details of the complaint to an outside independent person.  A copy of that second opinion will be passed to the complainant for information and kept on file for Ofsted. Should the second opinion support the complainant, the management undertake to take appropriate action within 10 working days of receiving the outside opinion, informing Ofsted or appropriate bodies if the regulations so require.


The Complaints Manager
Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
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Telephone Number 0300 123 1231

Fax on: 0300 123 3159

Email address: nbucie@ofsted.gov.uk

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